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 Year  Established  Activity
 1906  Foundation of Elque & Company  Trading & Finance
 1916  Establishment of Haridass Chunder & Co.  Import & Export Clearing &  Forwarding Agents
 1965  Establishment of Sensons Fine Foods  Processing of Mango Chutney  and  Condiments
 1972  Foundation of Calcutta Seafoods  Processing & Exports of  Seafoods
 1979  Foundation of Bay Seafoods Pvt. Ltd.  Processing & Exports of  Seafoods
 1980  Purchase of Imperial Fruit Preserving Co.  Processing & Exports of Pickles,  Sauces, Chutneys
 1987  Foundation of Plastosen Pvt. Ltd.  Pet Bottles & Packaging
 1990  Foundation of Wonderfood Corporation  Processing & Export of  Seafoods  in  IQF and added-  value
 1990  Establishment of Sendan & Company  Bottling of Mineral Water
 1992  Foundation of Sanpo Fisheries Ltd.  Prawn Aquaculture &  Hatcheries
 1994  Establishment of Bosen Foods Ltd.  Processing & Export of  Seafood  with  added-value  
 1994  Establishment of Bosen Coldstorages Ltd.  Refrigerated Public  Warehousing  &  Transportation
 1994  Foundation of Elque Polyesters Ltd.  PET Resin manufacturer -  "SENPET"  Brand
 1995  Establishment of Sen Exports  International Trading in PET  resins,  tea and commodities
 1996  Sen Holdings Pvt. Ltd.  Group Holding Company
 1998  Establishment of Alphapet Ltd., Moscow  Trading in PET resin Russia &  CIS  countries; PET perform  production  and trading
 1998  Establishment of Pet Sibir, Novosibirsk  PET perform production facility