85, S.N. Banerjee Road,
Kolkata : 700 014,
West Bengal, India.

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Welcome to Sen Global

An introduction to the SEN Global takes us back to the year 1906 when a British trader Thomas Elque founded Elque & Company in Calcutta, India, with financial help and partnership with an Indian landlord S. N. Sen.

Originally SEN Global was involved in the trading & finance of imports and exports between India and other countries of the British Raj or Commonwealth. The Company took up agencies figured as a key area devoted to gearing the fishermen to tap the vast coastal fishing resources of the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Seas.

With the retreat of the British Raj from India the country saw an emerging market towards the supply and export of Indian food products to Europe for which a taste had been created over five centuries of invasion and trade with India by the Anglo-Europeans. This prompted the foundation of the first manufacturing and processing plant for mango chutney and condiments in the year 1965 to cater exclusively for the new export markets generated.

Product & Solution   Management View   Quality Objective  
Our Pledge – Expect More
Learn about all the competitive advantages we’ll bring to you.
More Flexibility More Resources More Focus
More Results
With plants in several states, multiple process choices, a wide range of presses, and menu of services ranging from design through order fulfillment, you can tell us what you need
and we’ll make it happen.
You have access to a full-service team dedicated to your success; we effectively become an
extension of your company.
We work hard to understand your business and then align our company around your current and future needs. We’re a loyal business partner, willing
to do whatever it takes to support you.
All of this translates into proven value and a memorable customer experience. We are
committed to a hassle-free relationship
that will improve your bottom line.
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