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Plastosen's pet bottles and containers are aimed at optimum packaging solutions in order to provide top-of-the-range products. Used to package carbonated softdrinks, distilled spirits, wine, water, food products, medicines, cosmetics and a whole range of other applications. Our PET containers are often a solution frequently used to obtain an extended shelf life or enchance the product's aesthetic values.


An unlimited range in shapes, sizes, colours and finish gives the product the versatile edge towards added value. Our containers produced from high grade raw materials are light weight and resistant to breaking, bursting,or shattering- yeilding better returns.


Available to custom design we provide a service in complete packaging systems from cartons, caps, stoppers, sealers, printing to all related accessories.

Sure packaging strategy is what lies behind our purpose for your progress.

3 Decades of Excellence


  Plastosen is a member of me Sen Group of companies, one of eastern India's leading multi-diversified and globally oriented corporate groups. The twenty odd companies that comprise the Group are active in areas spread across processed foods, seafoods, mineral water, tea, exports, international commodity trading, shipping, PET resins and packaging. In 1996, the Group's overall turnover stood at nearly Rs. 5000 million, with foreign exchange earnings contributing around 80%.

Among the largest producers of PET packaging in India, Plastosen was the first to set up the country's only fully

air-conditioned manufacturing plant and was the first to establish leadership in Pharma grade PET packaging. Its combined multi-locational facilities have the capacity toproduce over 90 million containers a year, using as raw material the finest grade of virgin-quality PET packaging resin, SENPET.

The Company's core competency in offering ultimate solutions to packaging needs, is a reason for its phenomenal success in new markets. And, in its ever increasing customer base.


Plastosen supplies aerosol valves and dispensing systems and other packaging accessories and materials, with over 27 years of experience in the packaging industry.


Plastosen offers in-house design and engineering services, and our custom tooling capabilities mean we can take a new bottle design from concept to completion in a matter of weeks.

Plastosen delivers extremely attractive sleek designed bottles for Cosmetic industry.


The number of model variations are endless. The fact that a range of hundreds of different bottles for Hand wash, Shampoo and Shower gel are circulating in India is clear a evidence.

Plastosen offers and delivers attractive bottles for Cosmetic industry

      • Extensive packaging range – of elegant cosmetic containers which have shelf appeal and are easy to fill. Also includes a selection of makeup containers.
      • Cosmetic packaging design service – with highly acclaimed design of many bespoke bottles that satisfy your cosmetic packaging requirements. We have outsourced design service for customers with solutions like 3D art work to understand the bottle/ packaging before getting developed.
      • Own moulds – that can be used to manufacture containers and bottles.
      • Packaging guarantee – all Plastosen cosmetic bottles are manufactured according to Indian and International standards and certification.
      • Reliable delivery – that complies with your scheduled delivery programme. Plastosen can hold your bottles in stock and will send regular communication on stock levels.


Two Main Advantages

      • Risk of breakage is minimum - This is a blessing in the production process, and also in the customer’s factory. The consumer also benefits: how often does a bottle accidentally drops during use at home?
      • Less weight - This cuts transport costs and energy consumption, which in turn fits excellently into the aim of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).



      • Beer & Wine
      • Juices




All liquor products sold in retail outlets has to be heat-treated to eliminate microorganisms to extend its shelf life. Based on the type and duration of this heat treatment and the resulting shelf life. Each liquor type heat treatment has its specific packaging requirements.Moreover as its always stored in the refrigerator. This protection is guaranteed by packaging with a barrier layer to visible rays and UVs.Just one material for all liquor types to fulfil the specific packaging requirements of each liquor type, several packaging solutions are available, from glass bottle, to carton, PET bottle,flexible pouch, etc.

However, the PET bottle is the only packaging type that can be used for all liquor types. As PET bottles also lend themselves to a full range and allows maximum flexibility on printing, sleeve, colour, shape [including handle], they are clearly the most “flexible” rigid liquor packaging around.

All of Plastosen's pharmaceutical bottles products meet the highest quality standards in their manufacturing process. We take pride in our wealth of knowledge and experience that allow us to ensure that our customers are best placed in their markets.

Plastosen’s pharmaceutical bottles products meet the highest quality standards, are cost-effective in their manufacturing process, and comply with strict international regulatory standards. We take pride in our wealth of knowledge and experience that allow us to ensure that our customers are best placed in their markets. We welcome you to contact us and join our many satisfied customers.



Plastosen’s excellent pharmaceutical packaging supply service delivers High quality pharmaceutical bottles


      • Manufacturing excellence – The pharmaceutical bottles are manufactured in a clean room environment and under GMP. Machines producing packaging for Pharmaceutical applications are all certified. Plastosen maintains all required testing records and certificates to deliver highest level of quality.
      • Technical Expertise – From the Pharma team who are able to offer advice on all your pharmaceutical packaging needs. Additionally Plastosen provide technical support in the development and production of your packaging
      • Reliable delivery- Plastosen has efficient production programming system to comply and fulfill customer’s scheduled delivery program.
      • Responsive Service - Plastosen communicates clearly and quickly on samples, product information, prices and stock levels
      • Packaging - We provide Customized and most economical and safe packaging.
Our Reliable Customers


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