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Product & Solution
  PET - Here today • There tomorrow

Polyethylene terepthalate or PET, as it is more well known, is a contemporary, internationally acclaimed packaging material which has been found to be ideally suitable for the preservation, protection and promotion of a host of products.

Apart from combining outstanding performance and aesthetic properties, PET is considered a packaging material of the future mainly due to its environment friendly qualities : Unlike plastics like PVC, which are known to be carcinogenic, PET is neutral, chemically inert
and does not contaminate the environment. When incinerated, it merely breaks down into carbon and hydrogen, both of which are necessary elements in Nature. What's more, new recycling technology is within reach to ensure over 90% recovery — from used PET containers to pristine, virgin PET resins.
PET packaging production requires less power consumption than equivalent glass or metal packaging. In fact, dramatically less. Thus, PET helps conserve vital fossil fuels and protects the environment's natural resources. Tomorrow you can expect to see a lot more of this invaluable packaging material.
A complete system to package your products

In a world where packaging design can make or break a brand, Plastosen PET bottles, jars and various other containers provide distinct advantages derived from superior technology and raw materials.

Available in an unlimited range of sizes, shapes, colours and finishes, Plastosen PETs are a complete packaging system thai don't end with just containers. They include cartons, caps, stoppers, printing and related accessories... In short, whatever mat's needed to ensure that your product wins the battle on the shelf !

You can package anything — soft drinks, distilled spirits, wine, mineral water, food, medicine, cosmetics, chemicals... even, tennis balls — in Plastosen PETs, the returns are so rewarding.


Your Products Deserve the Best

Plastosen Pets combine some outstanding performance and aesthetic qualities, to offer your products a packaging that's virtually unbeatable ! Here are the highlights

  • Unlike glass, does not chip al the neck, contaminating contents.
  • No pre-washing and drying required, ensuring clean and safer working conditions.
  • Approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, the Ministry of Health, Japan, Office of the Drug Controller, India and Central Food Technology Research  Institute, India.


  • Unbreakable, so no sorting required. Also, lower inventories.
  • Chemically inert, with superior mechanical and optical properties. Phenomenal bursting strength and excellent barrier properties with low moisture vapour transmission rate.
  • Preserves better, retains original flavour of contents and does not attract rats or any other pests.
  • AGMARK approved.
  • Less expensive than most conventional forms of packaging, like tin. Yet, does not rust, dent or leak from the seams and is available in ready-to-fill condition.
  • Does not impart any odour to the contents and is hygienic and non-carcinogenic, unlike PVC packaging.
  • Perfect neck finish eliminates leakage, and crystal-clarity enhances consumer's confidence in the purity of contents, thus making it ideally suitable for food contact applications.
  • Pharmaceuticals      •  Chemicals    •  Food & Beverages   •  Carbonated Soft Drinks   •  Mineral Water & Edible Oils    •  Cosmetics     •  Liquor & Wine

  • longer shell life ensures retailer's confidence, and more value for money to consumers- who can re-use empties.
  • Leading international cosmetic brands use it because of infinite choice of colours, closures, shapes and finishes ollering easy printability. Dry outer surface facilitates betler labelling, too.
  • Reduced on-line rejection increases production by at least 3%. Ends administrative problems of bottle breakage at different stages in transit.
  • Lighter weight [nearly 90% lower than glass] and reduced outer dimensions, entail less worker fatigue, inexpensive outer cartons and 15-20% lower freight charges.
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